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  • Wedding CO2 Gun Hire from Eventech UK
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  • Wedding CO2 Gun Hire from Eventech UK
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CO2 Gun Hire

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Our CO2 Gun Hire offers an incredible visual effect by producing an 8m pure white plume of ice cold CO2 Fog.

Our CO2 Guns are a lightweight handheld effect that are extremely easy to use. This stunning effect is perfect for DJ’s, dancers and any type of high energy performer. Best of all, because the effect is performer triggered it can become part of the show and part of the act, adding another layer of magic to any performance.

The Handheld CO2 gun connects to liquid CO2 cylinders using our flexible high pressure hosing. The gun is supplied with a 5m High Pressure hose as standard, with quick release connectors for ease of use.

Wedding or Event Hire – We will come and setup the guns, demonstrate how to use them and a member of staff will stay on site to control the bottle output and oversee everything. We will pack the equipment up once the CO2 has been used up. We usually give a 1-2 hour window for the guns to be used, longer hours are available but will usually require more CO2 Gas. Let us know what time you would like to use the guns when requesting a quote. 

Dry Hire – We will supply the gun(s), hose(s) and bottle connector along with instructions on how it all works. We can also supply gas if required. You can collect from our Warehouse and return at the end of your hire.

Gas Usage – Our guns use around 0.3-0.5kg per second of Liquid CO2. A large bottle gives you around 90-120 seconds of continuous output from one gun or half that if 2 guns are connected. Ideally you would use the guns in bursts, on the drops of songs, to hype the crowd up.

CO2 Bottles are available separately or we can advise what you need to source if you’d like to arrange yourself.

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