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Wipeout Sweeper Hire (6 Player)


This is one for the high energy, super competitive and fun loving guests at every event! Our Wipeout Sweeper never fails to draw a crowd and get everyone involved – either playing or cheering on. Up to 6 players can challenge the sweeper at a time, the aim of the game? To be the last one standing as you duck, dive and jump to avoid getting knocked out of the game by the spinning arms. Sounds easy, right?

The Wipeout Sweeper is controlled by one of our trained operators to guarantee everyone has the most fun in the safest way. The arms of the sweeper are made of padded foam and the bed is one giant inflatable – the arms stop spinning as soon as someone is knocked off their podium.

Think you can take on the challenge? Book the Wipeout Sweeper for your next event and put yourself (and your guests) to the test!

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