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Compact Snow Machine Hire


Bringing you realistic snow all year round! Our fluid based machines create hundreds of small snow flakes every minute. Complete with fluid and a remote to control snow output.

  • Manual and Timer Control
  • Intelligent Pump Protection (IPP) – Pump automatically shuts off when snow fluid gets too low; prevents pump from running dry and being ruined
  • Includes hanging bracket
  • Use immediately – No warm-up time required!
  • Produces a large amount of snow instantly
  • Tank Capacity: 5.6 Liters
  • Weight: 21kgs

A full tank of fluid is included, additional fluid is available should you require it at the time of hire. We have 16 of these currently in stock meaning we can cover multiple areas at once and cater for events 24/7!

We have a range of different machine available (from small party machines to the UKs largest Snow Machine), just let us know the size of your event and the type effect you’re wanting to achieve and we’ll send over a quote for everything you need to make it happen

PLEASE NOTE: Snow machines are not silent running, they sound similar to a small vacuum cleaner when in operation. 

These DO NOT produce real frozen snow, these machines use a special fluid to produce a light foam that resembles snowfall. If you'd like real snow, please ask the team for more information on our 'Real Snow' Generators.