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  • Antari S500 Snow Machine Hire from Eventech UK
  • Antari S500 Snow Machine Hire from Eventech UK

Antari S-500 Snow Machine Hire

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Bringing you realistic snow all year round! Our Antari S-500 Snow Machines are some of the best available, creating hundreds of small realistic looking snowflakes with minimal noise. Our machines also come with a 10m hose allowing you to position the snowfall anywhere you want while hiding the base of the machine out of sight.

  • Manual and Timer Control
  • Includes 10m hose and hanging bracket
  • Use immediately – No warm-up time required!
  • Produces a large amount of snow instantly
  • Tank Capacity: 20 Liters

The most flexible snow machine available!

We can supply a wide range of fluids, including a special ‘low residue’ fluid that creates a beautiful realistic snowfall without the slippery mess on the floor.

We have a range of different machine available (from small party machines to the UKs largest Snow Machine), just let us know the size of your event and the type effect you’re wanting to achieve and we’ll send over a quote for everything you need to make it happen