42″ to 80″ 4K HD LCD Screen Hire


We stock a range of LCD and LED displays ranging from 15″ up to 80″

Screens can play a major part in any event, from displaying logos and graphics to showing a live video feed. Every event is different and every event has different requirements, sometimes multiple small screens are far more effective than using just one large screen – our team of experts can help you decide what will work best for your event to ensure maximum effect.

All our screens are available with HDMI, VGA, Coax and Digital inputs. We can also supply floor stands, trolleys, truss mount kits and more…

Get in touch with the team today to discuss your event and your requirements.

Brands we use:

Sharp – Samsung – LG – Panasonic – Sony

LCD/LED Screen Sizes Available include:

15″  – 19″ – 32″ – 42″ – 47″ – 60″ – 70″ – 80″