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Corporate Events

Corporate events are an important time for any business,

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Conference & Seminar Packages

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[pt_package]Half Day[/pt_package]
What’s included?

  • Projector & screen or 2x 42″ Plasma Screens
  • Windows laptop w/ Powerpoint and remote
  • PA System and microphone (handheld, lapel or lecturn)
  • Stylish lecturn with LED lighting


  • Custom Signage
  • Pens & Paper


  • Tea, Coffee and Bottled water
  • Wrapped muffins and snacks

Available for up to 4 hours (7 days a week)

[pt_package]Full Day[/pt_package]
Details here
[pt_column highlight=”yes”][pt_price]£1995.00[/pt_price][pt_package]Full Day PLUS[/pt_package][pt_details]Details here[/pt_details][/pt_column]


Corporate event essentials

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