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Sparkular Spark Machine Hire

Sparkular Spark Machine Hire

Looking for that extra Sparkle for your event? Well look no further, our Sparkular Cold Spark Machines are guaranteed to WOW your guests!

Our machines are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, projecting cold, safe to touch sparks upto 7m in the air at the touch of the button. Each machine can be controlled individually so you can create spark waves and chases to the beat of the music or create a stunning walkway with moving sparks. Our Sparkulars can hold upto 60 minutes worth of powder, meaning there's no need to refill mid event.

We use the best quality Showven and MagicFX machines and genuine powders to ensure you get the best effect possible, all of our machines are fully insured and tested to ensure safety.

With a range of machines available, get in touch with the team today to see how we can add a spark to your event.